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Back country Skis, 171 cm, 95mm, bought slightly used from a friend in a ski store. Handled well, checked and maintained regularly and professionally (workshop specialized and experienced skiman). Winterized soles (covered in excess wax for optimal preservation), and holes from previous bindings (Marker Kingpin) filled in and filed down. Good quality skis, light, player, not overly rigid but still stable and confortable with speed, adaptable to all terrains and skiers. I really enjoyed these skis, very pleasant, smooth, stable, and durable...BLIZZARD !

Skis randonnée Zero G 95 (Carbon Drive)


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161 €

178.71 € frais de service inclus.
Bon état

Article d'occasion, utilisé quelques fois, propre, totalement fonctionnel avec quelques imperfections ou signes d'usure.

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