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High performance jacket and under waterproof and breathable ski jacket Shred Dog ELEVATED KIDS' HARDSHELL Arctic Ice + ELEMENT KIDS' INSULATOR Shadow Grey jacket in size 5. My daughter was 5 years old when I took it together. I invite you to go to the brand website to take the measurements of your child which are very detailed. American brand of high-flying ski clothing Shred Dog stands out for high-end equipment to keep children dry in their snow games. Jacket in two part autumn winter.Shred Dog has an adjustable arm length system.This allows you to make it larger or smaller unlike most other brands where you have to strip the seams that once you have done it larger, there is no way to make it small again.New set on the official website excluding shipping costs of 170$ + 40$ shipping

Veste ski Elevated Kid's


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90 €

100.8 € frais de service inclus.
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Article très peu utilisé, propre, en parfait état de fonctionnement, pouvant présenter quelques rares imperfections ou défauts esthétiques.

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